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Later that day, Icall the third World War. But I will not get ahead of ourselves, and tell you everything in order. One of the first tasks that had been entrusted to me and Giovanni - to make a presentation about the birds for younger students. The date for this event has fallen on "Earth Day".
We have already prepared a presentation, and with the help of park staff moved it to the Lithuanian language.

It s difficult to spoken words were combined with hard memorizing terms. I, as a person not having great knowledge of biology, and especially in ornithology was difficult to remember these are polygamous or monogamous birds as they reconase d than females different from males, and other details. The benefit of this presentation is not intended to professors at Oxford, and primary school children. But to prepare this presentation was very interesting.


Class of failure to beat the girls and boys. Very remarkable that make your presentation helped us and our mentor other employeed of the park. After the presentation, the children made paper birds. Me and Giovanni also had the opportunity for a short time to be children, and put a small contribution to the created of the world of birds.
This was followed by the following equally interesting and entertaining activity. Together, we went into the woods surrounding the school to hang birdhouses. In general, this day we hung around fifty birdhouses (part near the school, and the rest we have put in and we continue with no children at hiking trails).


The kids were thrilled, and I confess, me too. I myself hung a birdhouse, climbing up on wobbly ladder on a pine tree.
What else to say? Children are children. We ended up with a birdhouse, and then began that! On all sides I were flying snowballs. Children artistically, I would say professionally labeled in me. And it does not fall often enough. I start to figh with them the best I can . This carnage I marked as a third world war. But fortunately there were no casualties. After that, many of these children, we became friends. Children generally the only one who can true enjoy life and enjoy every moment. They continually teach us this, but we often do not noticed .
The motto of the day: Everything you do with pleasure, fun and delivers.


Palm Sunday - is a Christian holiday celebrated on the Sunday preceding Easter. This holiday recalls Christ's entry into Jerusalem. Palm Sunday is celebrated through out the Catholic world. In Lithuania believe brought on Palm Sunday in a house consecrated willow guard against any evil eye.
I learned this holiday is especially beautiful in Vilnius. There I was, unfortunately, not visited. But I happened to be on a Saturday in Waren at the fair dedicated Palm Sunday.
Master of Romas and concurrently a wonderful person with a team of several students living in Marcinkonys went that day to the fair to sell his own hand woven baskets.


Fair resembled off from firecrackers confetti. Bright colors, fantastic music, all kinds of products: fine jewelry, unusual dishes, mittens, hats of all colors, toys, paintings, sculptures maded from wood. Instead of the usual willow twigs to which I used to, I am here for the first time in my life I saw something else. Here are the adornment of Palm Sunday and sprigs of juniper twigs decorated with a variety of dried flowers and herbs, and figures of birds.
Also, they sold a variety of goodies, sweets in the shape of mushrooms, huge chunks of chocolate, sweets, cakes and other things from which involuntarily salivating. And were treated to a delicious tea from the collection of different herbs.
On this day, the first time I tried to dance Lithuanian national dance. It was the second way to keep warm except tea. A few hours in the cold - it' was a heavy test..
Traditionally the fair ends with the award of several craftsmen who represented their products at the fair, and was recognized as the best for this year, and tea..


But the tea party I did not get, because I had to rush to the gym. It was the first practice in my dance class, which I gived to the chilldren in a local cultural center. Sounds too pathetic. But in my head there was no more appropriate words to describe it..
And in the end, "Dance Gentlemen Life is beautiful! "

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