In Dzūkija National Park, people can fish with amateur fishing gear in more than forty lakes and in the rivers Nemunas, Merkys, Ūla and Grūda.
It is forbidden to fish in the rivers Skroblus and Povilnis, and in Lake Povilnis, which are in the territories of the reserves.
Following the regulations of Amateur fishing law,  under 16 children and pensioners can fish in all waters without amateur fishing permissions, if they have certifying documents. All other persons need permissions to fish with amateur fishing gear.
Fishing permissions are available to get at "UAB Pearlas" service" in " IKI" shop in Merkinė or Varėna. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 8 a.m.- 9 p.m., Sunday 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
Fishers by acquiring a ticket lottery terminal should be aware of the service code - 101081st.
In a sandy Dzūkija, forest was the main source of living for the residents. In winter people used to cut down trees, shape logs, make sleepers, in spring they used to go fishing, and in summer - pick berries, mushrooms and hunt. So the forest used to feed and dress the Dzūkija residents.
There are plenty of mushrooms and berries in Dzūkija National Park territory. It is forbidden to pick berries and mushrooms in Čepkeliai, Skroblus, Musteika and Povilnis reserves.

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