Bird house day at Marcinkonys’ primary school!

Today (Thursday 19/03/15), kids from Marcinkonys’ primary school had the chance to learn more about birds that live next to them. Indeed, accompanied by members of the staff of Dzukija national Park and volunteers they learn how to hang bird boxes to the trees in a right way. They also learn a lot about which species their able to find next to their school, which are coming from spring, which stay in the winter, what they’ll do in those boxes and many other interesting things. And when all the houses were hanged the Park’s staff gives them some presents to increase their knowledge, notably a CD with the bird’s cry that living in the forest next to their school (Dainava forest), and which his matching with the birds they have to draw in class.
At the end of the operation everyone seemed to be happy, kids, teachers, park staff, except volunteers who have to work on their Lithuanian lessons, but they still have spent a great time!

Text by Clement Jossef
Photo by Olesia Paterak and Emilis Tamošiūnas


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