Dzūkija’s first volunteer camp!

In collaboration with Youth volunteering center "DEINETA", the Dzūkija National Park and Čepkeliai State Strict Nature Reserve management team organized the first volunteer camp in the park. Seven volunteers from Spain, Czech Republic and Japan became part of the parks team for a period of two weeks, from the 18th of until the 30th of August 2014. Our two long-term EVS volunteers, Alice and Iryna were there to support, train and have fun with the volunteers during working and leisure times.
The activities
The volunteers dedicated themselves to different maintenance tasks. Cleaning, repairing and maintaining the most visited tourist places of the park such as the surroundings of the Ūla river, Ūlos akis, Mekšrinis lake, a World War I graveyard near the town of Merkinė, the Beekeeping museum in Musteika and different tourist routes. They opened up several important environmental areas such as the meadows of the Skroblus river near the village of Kapiniškės and areas in the Čepkeliai State Strict Nature Reserve. This to avoid overgrowth by the forest and to create better living conditions for many insect and bird species.
Leisure time
Of course time was not only filled by work. In the leisure time the volunteers had the opportunity to visit Vilnius and the towns of Drūskininkai, Varėna and Merkinė. They shared their differences and similarities of their cultures and presented their home countries by playing traditional games and preparing traditional dishes. We had a very nice Japanese evening with Japanese food, a workshop Kung Fu, a workshop Polka dancing and of course there was time for a little party on Saturday.
Overall we can say the camp was very successful and worth to have a follow-up. The volunteers had the chance to see lots of places in the park and the contribution they gave by their work was extraordinary. They met other youngsters from other countries, learned more about the Lithuanian culture and made new friendships, perhaps for life.
Are you interested in participating in a volunteer camp? Contact JSVC Deineta, www.deineta.lt


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