Autumn events in the PAN Park

The bicycle tour in ''Medkopis'' event

On the 21st of September the bicycle tour was organized in Dzūkija – Čepkeliai PAN Park. The main attraction of the tour was Beekeeping Days in Musteika village where for the last time this year honey was taken from hollows. The event began with ancient pagan rites to the olden Lithuanian beekeeping Gods - Austėja and Bubilas. Later the honey was extracted from the old trees for the last time this year and all the participants drank herbal tea with honey and danced Lithuanian folk dances around the campfire. People were really excited that we still have such a wonderful ancient beekeeping tradition alive.
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„Young scientists’ camp 2013“

Dzūkija National Park and Čepkeliai State Nature Reserve administrations have organized a camp for young scientists. The Project was sponsored by Varėna district municipality. 8 students from Varėna „Ąžuolas“ gymnasium and Merkinė V. Krėvės gymnasium were selected to participate in it in September. Young scientists’ camp takes place for the third year. The purpose of the camp is to stimulate the interest in nature and our environment, to deepen practical knowledge in it and to learn about nature in nature. This year participants have deepened their knowledge of mushroom.
Dr. Reda Iršėnaitė from Vilnius University helped us to widen our knowledge and we would like to say special thanks for her.
We hope that this project will be continued and next year we are planning to organize similar camp to deepen students’ knowledge in other ranges of Dzūkija National Park‘s and Čepkeliai Nature Reserve‘s nature.
By the next year.
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Bird waching event in Čepkeliai Nature Reserve and in Marcinkonys primary school

The first weekend of October all the Europe celebrates a Bird watching day. On the 7th of October two ornithological excursions in Čepkeliai Nature Reserve and Marcinkonys village area were organized. Also there was a lecture about birds in Marcinkonys Primary school. During the excursions we have counted about 70 kinds of birds.

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Cleaning and Restoration works in PAN Park

Garbage collection campaigns and also nature restoration works were organized in September. Four territories of Pan Park were cleaned this month.
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Texts by Emilis Tamošiūnas


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