Managing trails in winter and waiting for the tourists in summer!

The employees of Dzūkija National Park and Čepkeliai State Nature Reserve Authority have fixed the covering of the beekeeping path.


This path is in the territory around Musteika, 5km from the village. A walk along this path is a great opportunity to get acquainted with pine trees that have bee hollows in them, which reminds the visitor of one of the oldest professions in this region. Also, it is worth seeing the small sand dunes and mosaic of small marshes in the Musteika area. An excursion on this path will also provide useful information about the history of beekeeping, and to appreciate the toil of the profession in this region. The trail is near Čepkeliai Marsh, so in order to pass it in the spring or summer, visitors have to wade through the water. For many years, served in wooden bridges already rotten, so Druskininkai Forest Company provided a footbridge made of wood and the right material. While bees calm winter warm hollows, Directorate staff special swampy areas adapted to the machine placed the new footbridge.


The most appropriate time to carry out such work is winter because at this time of the year we do not destroy the forest floor.We will be able to invite you all, interested in wild beekeeping, to enjoy a walk along the new track in spring.

Text by Emilis Tamošiūnas


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