Traditional camping of handicrafts

From the 30th of July to the 12th of August, 2012, the village of Musteika held, one more year, the traditional camping of handicrafts. The dzūkai enclave, paradigmatic for keeping alive some of the etnocultural characteristics of the region, is surrounded by superb dense forest and swamps – Musteika Reserve. Handicraft workshop was placed in the old bee-keeping museum, where traditional hives of various shapes are standing or lying around. People who participated not only shared a physical space. The interaction among each other was essential to feel comfortable and succeed while getting involved in a rudimentary style of life. By having a look on the place one could notice how people with some
background on making crafts taught to beginners or some other ones exchange knowledge or advice.
Sometimes, people activity was supported by local experts who lent a hand to those who required any help. In the evenings, everybody gathered around the fire and spent time together; it was a chance to get to know each other better and share experiences lived during the day. The atmosphere became a dynamic and familiar environment and, when it was time to leave, practically everybody went back home taking their self-made crafts. Overall, an excellent occasion to get to approached to traditional works as well as try to develop them putting your skills into practice. Nice experience for people who took part of it for whom, moreover, dzūkai cultural and natural attractions did not go unnoticed.
Finally, it is appropriate to conclude this writing with the most repeated phrase of people when they were leaving:
Until next year!

Text by Emilis Tamošiūnas


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