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Hello! My name is Olesia. Almost two months ago I came to Dzūkija from Ternopil, Ukraine. At the first sight our place was gloomy and boring. But after a month we started liking Varėna and now see it as a real home here in Lithuania. People at the park are very nice and we have learned a lot about Lithuanian traditions and lifestyle because it is a very ancient territory and people are still maintaining many old traditions. Park has several exhibitions which show how life here was at the last century. But the most interesting thing is to explore our park. Dzūkija National Park has a huge territory, so it takes a lot of time to see everything. It consists of different nature parts like dunes, swamps, pine forests and various representatives of local fauna. At the latest festival we were counting cranes at night in the park by the campfire. But we also do some manual work like collecting garbage or planting flowers.
Speaking about other activities, we have just finished our Lithuanian language course and next week we will take a test. Lithuanian language isn't very easy but here are not much people who know English so these lessons very helpful.
If I had to make a conclusion, during the time that I have spent here I have learned a lot of new information, met many new people, opened up myself Lithuania and its nation, found some new hobbies and improved my old skills.

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