The tradition of erecting and decorating crosses in Lithuania is relatively old. Crosses are installed to protect people from maladies, misery and other calamities or as fulfillment of the certain pledge e.g.:  if a sick person got well, upon safe return from war and so on. They would be placed near dangerous places:  water maelstroms, narrow bridges; in fields to keep the crops safe; at the roadside or crossroads, for that was where the road ahead was unknown. Crosses would mark places of accidents, deaths.
Tall crosses with two or more crossties were built in exceptional cases as a safeguard against plague, war, famine or other major disasters. In Dzukija, crosses were decorated with symbols of the instruments of the torture of Christ.
Aprons are tied to a cross as a sign of some great asking such as a plea for forgiveness, patronage, help, protection from illness. They say that a place where a cross used to stand cannot remain vacant for a long lest it becomes haunted.

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